A COLLECTION OF BAKING & COOKING INGREDIENT SUBSTITUTIONS I’m one of those cooks who enjoy food shopping but not all the time. If I’m trying out a new recipe from my local newspaper and it calls for sour cream and I don’t have any, I would much rather substitute some plain Greek yogurt than run […]

Leek & Potato Soup

This is one of my all time go-to soups Homemade leek & potato soupHad my delivery today from West country foods, had enough of doughnuts so went for soup Recipe4 peeled potato2 large onion2 leek’s2 stock cubes¾ water ¼ milkSeasoningKnob of butter FirstCut the green tops from the leek and keep aside till later.Simply chop […]

Homemade Doughnuts

Making Doughnuts from home is a time consuming but fantastic way to cheer the family up & Neighbours  Doughnut recipeHome made doughnuts made by MikePerfect recipe works every time !!If anyone would like the recipe please drop me a message 😊I doubled the recipe giving me 16 large but too many for usBun dough200g strong flour25g […]