Homemade Doughnuts

Making Doughnuts from home is a time consuming but fantastic way to cheer the family up & Neighbours

 Doughnut recipe
Home made doughnuts made by Mike
Perfect recipe works every time !!
If anyone would like the recipe please drop me a message 😊
I doubled the recipe giving me 16 large but too many for us
Bun dough
200g strong flour
25g caster sugar
1 egg
Pinch of salt
5g yeast fresh or dry
50g butter or Marge
125mls milk & water I used 3/4 milk then 1/4 water

1, Sift flour into mixing bowl
2, Dissolve yeast and sugar with some of the liquid
3, Make a well in the centre of the flour & tip yeast mix in
4, Cover with a cloth and place in a warm place so the yeast starts to bubble. Normally 20mins ?? ISH
5, Add the treat of the ingredients in all together and start the mixer
I find you will need to add a touch of flour extra if to sticky
6, Well knead until smooth and not sticky
7, Stretch out into a long pipe shape and cut into 8 bits
8, Roll into ball shapes & place on a well floured try
9, Prove until doubled in size normally around 20- 30 min’s then cover with a damp cloth
10, Pre heat some fresh vegetable oil till about 175’c
11, Place the dough in, I could get 3 at a time. Keep turning for approx 12 mins
12, Roll in granulated sugar
I use a choice of fillings, Apple Compote & Cream, Nutella & Cream & My Favourite Strawberry Jam

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  1. Thanks Mike looks easy I will try these as soon as we can get some flour as still none in porthcawl..

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